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Start Your Yoga Journey With RYT 200

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Start Your Yoga Journey With RYT 200

Starting your yogic journey is the most difficult task. It becomes highly important that you have a plan to sustain your journey, so that, you feel comfortable and connected with your yogic practice at every phase. RYT 200 serves as a perfect way through which you can have an easy-going yogic journey.

What is RYT 200?

Registered Yoga Training, also called 200-hour yoga teacher training, is a basic yoga course for beginners as well as advanced yoga practitioners. The yoga course is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA.

What is Yoga Alliance, USA?

Yoga Alliance is a non-profitable organization that overlooks the international standards of yoga. The yoga schools registered under the yoga alliance enjoy the various perks or benefits provided by the yoga alliance.

Moreover, once you complete a certified yoga course, you become a registered yoga instructor. Also, no matter where you belong or where you decide to teach yoga, yoga certification gives you the validation of being a trustworthy source across the globe.

Why Join RYT 200?

If you are a beginner, 200-hour yoga teacher training serves as the first step towards your yogic journey. You learn so many things that make up an aura of your yoga practice. A few of those elements are as follows. Have a brief reading.

Yoga Asanas

Various yoga asanas target various parts of your body, strengthening every muscle along with enhancing their flexibility. When you enroll in an RYT 200, you start with basic yoga poses, moving slowly towards advanced yoga poses.

Teaching Methodology

When you enroll in the yoga course, you not only practice yoga but also learn how to teach others. You get exposure to body alignment, positioning, and human physiology, so that, you have a deeper understanding of your body mechanisms and the range of motion of the muscles.

Meditation Techniques

Meditation helps you to get in touch with your inner being and flushes out deep-rooted demons and ill thoughts. An anxious mind can entangle you in thoughts, hopping from one thought to the other, and never allowing you to settle down.

However, meditation calms your mind, makes you an observer than a victim of your thoughts.

Forms of Yoga

The great thing about RYT 200 is that you come across various forms of yoga from which you can select the one that perfectly suits the goal you have in your mind. Thus, if you want some replacement for your cardio session, or if you want to lose weight, you can choose fast-paced yoga.

However, if you want to probe deeper into your mental aspect, or if you want to have strong spiritual energy, you can take up meditation-based yoga forms.

Breathing Exercises

Practicing controlled breathing exercises helps you control your mind by consciously shifting your attention from the mental chatter to the mindful breathing. It further helps you by making you aware of your physical body and places your attention within you that increases your concentration and attention span.


When it comes to having a smooth, comforting, and easy-going yoga journey, RYT 200 serves as the best option for you. Moreover, you practice yoga under the skilled eyes of certified yoga teachers when you enroll in the yoga course.

Thus, you walk towards perfecting each element of yoga to become a great yoga master.

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