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5 Different Poses For Daily Yoga For Fitness

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Don't have time for long workout sessions? Well, here's the deal. What if you can dedicate 10 minutes daily to become fit and healthy? That's right. Practicing daily yoga for fitness for just 10 minutes a day can make you strong, flexible, active, and mobile.

Here's what you going to go through ahead. You will read 5 simple yet effective yoga poses, the duration of each, and how to practice each pose of daily yoga for fitness. Further, a few tips to modify any yoga pose as per your level of expertise.

Let's move further to explore what's there for you. Keep reading.

5 Best Poses of Daily Yoga For Fitness

Downward Dog

You must have heard about Downward dog pose thousands of times. The reason is it is all in one package for you.

How to Do: If you are standing, slowly bend and touch your hands on the floor. If you find it difficult, move your feet back and bend your legs. Pike your hips towards the ceiling while engaging your scapula muscles (muscles in your upper back, also called shoulder blades). Hold this position while breathing slowly and consciously.

Duration: For beginners to daily yoga for fitness, standing for a few breaths would be sufficient. However, if you can, hold the pose for 30 seconds. Hence, you can do 2 sets of 30 seconds each.

Tips: Slightly bend your legs if you can't straighten them. Moreover, stand on your front feet if you can't place full feet on the ground. The more you move your feet back, the easier it will get.

Sitting Forward Bend

A perfect pose of daily yoga for fitness to improve your hamstring flexibility. Further, it removes stiffness from your hips and lower back.

How to Do: Simply sit on the ground and straighten out your legs. Keep your spine straight if possible. Slowly move your hands towards your feet and try to touch them. You can slouch forward a little if you can't touch your feet.

Duration: Extreme beginners can go as far as possible for at least 2 breaths. If possible, hold more than 2 breaths while bending forward. When you become comfortable, do 3 sets of 20-second hold for each set.

Tips: You can lift your legs a little if you have tight hamstrings. Feet too far? Reach for shins and hold them & breathe deep.

Cobra Pose

Want to stretch your whole spine. Practice the Cobra pose that improves shoulder blade engagement, shoulder joints flexibility, and removes stiffness from your back.

How to Do: You can start with lying on your stomach with your legs stretched to the back. Slowly bring your hands to your chest and place them under your shoulders. Gently raise your upper body. Engage your scapula muscles and push. Hold this position while breathing gently. You might feel a stretch in your stomach and chest.

Duration: You can hold for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat twice. If you are overweight, go as far as you can for 5 seconds and 10 seconds rest.

Tips: Do not lift your waist off ground. Straighten your arms and push your shoulders away from your ears. Keep your weight on either your feet or your knees (if overweight or extreme beginners).

Shoulder Stand

Want to improve your shoulder strength and balance? If yes, you need to practice the shoulder stand. It is one of the best poses of daily yoga for fitness. It is worth a try for every beginner.

How to Do: Get on your back and raise your legs in the air with a sudden jerk. Straighten your legs in the air and take support of your arms to back you up. Tuck your chin in your chest for more stability.

Duration: You can go with a 10-second hold with 15-second rest. Further, you can do 2 sets. For beginners, holding for 5 seconds with 10-second rest can do the charm.

Tips: If you can't straighten your legs, fold them. Also, you can put your elbow on the ground for better traction and support.

Bridge Pose

One of the diverse poses of daily yoga for fitness, the bridge pose has plenty of benefits. It improves lower back health, stability, flexibility, and tones your hamstrings & thighs.

How to Do: Lie flat on you back on the ground. Gently fold your legs and place your feet on the ground. Bring them near your hips and slowly raise your lower back while pushing with your feet. Hold your body on your shoulders and legs.

Duration: You can hold mid-air for 5 to 10 seconds with 10-second rest.

Tips: Engage your core and hips for better control.

Sum Up

You can follow the above given best poses of daily yoga for fitness. Practice them for a week and witness change in your body and mind. Live healthily!

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