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Yoga For Peace: The Simplest Routine for Beginners

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Mental peace is very rare these days. Everyone seems distracted, confused, and anxious. How to deal with it? Simply practice yoga for peace. Here's what comes in yoga for peace. A simple exercise routine followed by meditation and relaxation.

This routine might seem simple but it is very effective. Let's learn in detail what constitutes each phase of yoga for peace routine.

Yoga For Peace: Exercise

Exercise is the fundamental element of yoga for peace. Beginners might get confused about what to exercise. So, here are a few basic movements, yoga poses, stretches, or exercises that you can do.

Downward Dog Pose

It is a perfect pose of yoga for peace to stretch your hamstrings, calves, shoulder muscles, and work on each muscle.

Bridge Pose

One of the best poses to strengthen your lower back and shoulder joints.

Legs Up The Wall

A perfect pose to detoxify your blood circulation.

Child's Pose

It removes fatigue from your leg muscles. Moreover, it improves spine agility and mobility.

Camel Pose

One of the greatest backbends poses to increase shoulder and back mobility.

The above-mentioned yoga poses are very easy to do. But, they are very effective if you practice them consistently.

Yoga For Peace: Meditation

The art of living in the present is roughly translated to meditation. Some might say you have to focus on your breath or something else. The core idea behind meditation is to calm your mind.

How to Practice Meditation

Simply sit and bring your attention to anything. It could be your breath, some nearby sound, a light source (if your eyes are open), or simply imagining a single thing. You need to keep your focus intact for maximum time.

Hence, it leads to a better connection with your mind.

Why You Should Practice Meditation

  • Gives your mind a soothing experience

  • Helps you confront your emotions or feelings

  • You learn to sit quietly

  • Boosts patience and thinking ability

  • Gives a deeper insight into your mind

  • Provides mental peace and stability

  • Makes you conscious

The reasons to practice meditation are never-ending. Hence, you cannot neglect the practice of meditation.

Yoga For Peace: Relaxation

Once you are have done meditation, you need to relax your body. Now, relaxing your physical body is very important. It releases muscle tension and helps you practice meditation for a longer time.

For relaxation, you can practice deep breathing. Though there are many types of breathing exercises. However, some might be difficult for beginners. For them, only one breathing exercise is enough.

Box Breathing

It is the simplest but most effective breathing exercise for beginners. All you have to do is focus on inhaling and exhale. That's it!

Let your breathing follow a natural path. Make sure you focus on your breath. This simple exercise of yoga for peace is super effective. It brings you to the moment and your body loosens up. Hence, you get mentally and physically quiet.

Psychology Behind Each Element

You must be thinking about how such simple exercises work? How does yoga for peace work? For that, read the following.

Many studies claim that moving your body whenever you feel stress or anxiety. Thus, poses of yoga for peace are going to save you from all the mental and physical tension. Not just that, it is going to improve your health as well.

Meditation makes you psychologically strong. It pulls you out of your past or future worries. Thus, it opens your senses and you become calm and quiet.

Breathing exercises work complementary to meditation practice. Hence, it further ensures you have better blood and oxygen circulation in your body.


You cannot be at peace until your mind is silent. Many famous yoga masters propel the idea that mind mastery is important if you want to live a happy and wholesome life. Yoga for peace follows a similar concept and ensures you live a simpler life.

In case you feel stuck, you can always seek help. It is your choice whether you want to join a yoga center or not. Just keep in mind that practice is important. If you want to change your life, you must make yoga for peace and its elements a part of your life.

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