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Yoga Basics for Beginners for Better Results

Having clarity of basic concepts of yoga takes your journey to the next level. Not just that, it saves you from a lot of hassle, injury for instance. Therefore, knowing what you are doing makes practice very easy. How do you do that? Simply, going through yoga basics for beginners.

People think yoga is just about yoga poses. But, that is not even near half the truth. Let's get through the different dimensions of yoga. Further, different elements of yoga target different dimensions of your life. Keep reading to have a better understanding.

Yoga Basics for Beginners: Different Dimensions of Life

Physical Dimension

In a layman language, everything that is tangible comes under the physical dimension. Your physical body, limbs, range of motion of your muscles and joints, everything comes under the physical dimension.

The best way to work on your physical dimension is to practice different yoga poses

Yoga Poses: These are different physical exercises that use various postures, bending, stretching, and movements. The goal is to use your body weightmost effectively. Further, you learn to master your body when you practice different yoga poses.

Mental Dimension

In simple terms, everything related to your mind or psyche comes under the mental dimension. Further, what you think, how you react, or how much you dwell over things, everything comes under this dimension.

You can work on your mental dimension with the help of meditation. Read about meditation in the following lines.

Meditation: One of the best techniques of yoga basics for beginners is meditation practice. You learn to sit silently, focus on your mind, observe your thoughts, become a patient being, and learn to let go of what is disturbing you. Hence, meditation practice boosts your mental mechanisms that help you have strong willpower and a clear vision in life.

Spiritual Dimension

This is one of the most advanced dimensions which takes years to master. Spirituality is different from religion since you do not follow any rules or obey any deities. Nature or Universe is the divine power whom you cherish and bow to.

PRO TIP: If you want to learn about yoga in depth from great yoga sages and masters, you can plan a yoga trip to India. Have thorough research before starting your journey.

How can you practice spirituality? For that, read the following.

Breathing: Ancient yoga masters relate spirituality to breathing. Just like you cannot hold a breath that you inhale, similarly, you must never hold on to feelings or emotions. In simple terms, you live life like a peasant or slave of time. You perceive beauty, cherish moments, however, never let them control you.

Hence, deep breathing practices channel your energy such that it reaches your crown chakra. Thus, it gives you a glimpse of superhuman insight.

What is the Best Yoga for Beginners?

Beginners are very conscious when they first think about starting a yoga practice. They want everything to be perfect. A perfect yoga style, a perfect yoga teacher, and the best place. However, they lack the understanding that there is no such thing.

Let's have a basic understanding of the best yoga for beginners as per their goals.

Physical Performance

Everyone dreams of having a dream physique. If you are one of them, you can start with basic Hatha yoga poses.

Make sure you master each yoga element before moving on to the other. Hatha yoga practice improves your flexibility, enhances the range of motion of your body parts, and makes you strong.

Injury Rehabilitation

Met with an accident or injury? If that's where you belong, Yin yoga practice is for you. This is one of the best styles to improve your current situation.

The best thing about this yoga basics for beginners routine is that it improves your health inside out.

Women Centric Yoga

A good example of women-centric yoga classes is Prenatal yoga. This particularly focuses on improving the health of a mother and the unborn child.

Further, it is a great way to uplift your mood, balance your emotions, and tackle your mood swings.


There are far more yoga styles than you can imagine or given above. What is important is that you be consistent with your practice. The day won't be far when you become a master rather than just a rookie. Until then, make sure your yoga basics for beginners are clear.

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