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Why You Should Take A Yoga Teacher Training In India

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

With the industry of yoga booming around the world, the market is filled with yoga studios and yoga teacher training courses online. So what is even the point in traveling all the way to India when you can easily practice yoga at your home?

Why Even Choose India To Practice Yoga?

Birthplace: The Ancient Practice

The first and foremost reason why you should come to India for teacher training is that it is the birthplace of yoga. And if you want to learn about something, then isn't it obvious that you would want to go to the place where it was originated?

Nowadays, yoga has lost its true meaning to the point where it has just become a part of your physical exercise routine. Because it is the birthplace of yoga, India will give you the chance to live and breathe true yoga.

Get To Learn From The Gurus

There are end numbers of yoga gurus in India who are well-versed with Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras, and many other philosophical texts. The knowledge of yoga that the professional teachers in India bestow will make you understand the true essence of yoga.

Get Shocked Through The Culture

India has a lot of history. A country that has seen the worlds change, territories divided overnight, and a sudden drastic shift from agricultural land to industrial land in a really short period of time is bound to reset its culture.

You will be accustomed to strictly eat vegetarian food and there will be no consumption of alcohol. In this way, traveling to India will not only provide you an opportunity to reflect on your own personal yoga practice and philosophy but you will also get to learn how to live a disciplined life.

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Learn Yoga At An Affordable Rate

The main concern of yoga practitioners in finance. There are times when even if you have the right amount of dedication to join a yoga retreat and learn yoga, you don't have enough funds.

But India is here to help you out in this case as well.

Starting from traveling expenses to accommodations, almost every yoga retreat in India provides yoga teachings at an affordable rate. Even additional food and drinks are of low cost. So you do not have to worry about filling your tummy either.

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Surround Yourself With The Peaceful Environment

Yoga teacher training will make perfect sense to both your mind and body if you are doing it in a peaceful environment. And fortunately, India has many peaceful destinations in its pocket for you to practice yoga, including Himachal Pradesh, Rishikesh, Sikkim, and many more.

In the places mentioned above, hundreds of saints and sages have meditated to know more about what actually exists in these places, and the answer was just one - peace. Any smart person would know that just because a country has a lot of population doesn't mean that every place that it consists of will be chaotic.

So, take some time out from your busy schedule, take the following points into consideration, and enjoy transforming your life and yourself into a yogi in the blissful environment of India.

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